1. When playing FXC you MUST always be moving. Recovering is allowed only during the 120-second break in between games.
  2. The team that has the control of the ball is “Defending”, the other is “Attacking”. On the court, at least 3 players must always belong to the opposite gender:
    • 1 ball;
    • 2 teams of 12 players each;
    • 7 always on the court.
  3. The FXC’s goal: passing the ball as many times as possible to your teammates.
    • Each full pass = 1 point.
  4. Players can throw, pass and catch the ball using any part of the body, but they cannot hold it for more than 2 (two) seconds.
  5. Punching, kicking, grabbing, tackling are not allowed means to intercept the ball. in FXC the contact between players is minimum.
  6. Each team is given the possession of the ball and therefore has a defensive role for 10 consecutive turns in each game. As one team tries to keep the ball, the other tries to intercept it and take it away from the opponents.
  7. The number of passes recorded at the end of the 10 turns of Ball Possessions represents the “Game Score” of the Defensive Team.
  8. Each turn of Ball Possession begins when the Captain of the defensive team passes the ball the first time. The passes are counted until the ball is declared “DEAD”, and that happens when:
    • ​the ball is held longer than two seconds;
    • touches the ground;
    • goes off the court;
    • the game is stopped by the referee due to a serious foul;
    • is intercepted by a player of the opposite team and smashed on the ground.
  9. If the ball is intercepted by an Attacking Player and passed to any of his/her teammates then you have a SWITCH. The Ball Possession switches and the Attacking Team’s passes are counted in their favor. Until the ball is ALIVE or ‘in play’ you can have an infinite number of switches.
  10. Each match consists of one set. One set consists of 10 games, but a match cannot last more than 60 minutes of actual playing time for amateurs and 120 minutes for professional players.
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